About us

Residency Panama is a partnership between Gestion Forestal Sostenible (GFS), a Panamanian company dedicated to the protection, conservation and sustainable management of natural forests in Panama  and law firm Varela Cardenal & Asociados in Panama City.

GFS executes sustainable forest management programs approved by the Panamanian Ministery of Environment (Mi Ambiete) under de “Alliance for 1 million hectares” . Participation in such programs allows you to get your residency as a forestry investor.

The law firm Varela Cardenal & Associados has been a long term fixture in the Panamanian legal establishment. They have particular knowledge and experience with environmental issues, corporate structuring and tax management.  They have been our ‘house-lawyer’ for over 22 years.

Next to our managed forest (see videos below) a partner company is developing a landscape hotel project.  This will be the anchor of an ecological development involving responsible tourism, forest conservation and renewable energy generation.

Under our visa program you will be able to build a house on your property and rent it to the hotel operation, providing additional income.

Questions?  Contact us any time.