Our visa solution

There are several ways to obtain residency in Panama.

    If you can prove  lifelong (retirement) income of at least $ 1.000,- a month, the  ‘pensionado’ visa program may be the easiest path .
    Then there is the “friendly nations” visa program. Not so friendly anymore as it now requires a $ 200K investment in local real-estate and useless if you happen to be resident of a non-friendly nation. 
    Then there is the Panama business investor visa program. You’ll need to bring $ 160K and be brave enough to start a company in Panama and hire 5 Panamanian employees.  Take it from us, you don’t want to go this route unless you really have to.
    If you have even more money available to put aside, there is the Panama economic solvency visa program.  Bring $300K to buy real estate or a 3-year CD at local bank.
    And then there’s the forestry investor visa program!It comes in 3 versions  (requiring $80k, $ 100K or $ 350K).  You invest in a Ministery of Environment-approved forestry program and get you residency.  The added attraction that  you are presented on many websites about this visa option is that you’ll get a wonderful return on your investment.  So, a relatively minor amount to invest that will multiply itself over the years. That sounds almost too good to be true !  
    Indeed it is ;-).  Because what they don’t tell you is that your money is totally tied up for 15-20 years  (even an apartment in Panama sells easier) and those returns are based on hope in the best case, fantasy in the worst.  A lot can happen in 15-20 years in  the world.  Do you really want to take such a risk?

We didn’t think so!

So we came up with a better version.  Yes, you still have to invest one of the above amounts but unlike that other firms offer you get:

  • A titled property on your name (or on your corporation).
  • A unique exit option to get your money back (we guarantee a minimum of 90% of your investment) after 6 years.
  • Another unique option to have a house built on your forest investment property with an option to obtain rental income.
  • Total transparency:  you’ll get to know the owner of Residency Panama, the law firm he uses, the location of our forestry project and full details on the structure of this wonderful visa package.

What we don’t offer is promises that we can’t deliver but an affordable option to obtain residency in Panama, with a optional medium-term exit option to get your money out (while maintaining your residency! ) and a very nice piece of forest real-estate on which you can build a house!

This option also exist for residents of so-called non-friendly nations.

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